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Architect Frank Lockwood was respected throughout the length and breadth of Alabama – and beyond – for the taste and integrity of his work. From the late 1890’s through the early 1930’s when he retired, Lockwood honed his craft until he had become the most sought-after architect of his day. He built his reputation as a residential architect primarily in Montgomery’s Historic Districts, where over two-dozen of his masterpieces are lived in today and retain their enduring beauty. It is to his memory that the neighborhood known as Lockwood is dedicated. Read News Article.

A Gated Community

Lockwood has been developed on the old Standard Club property, near the Montgomery Country Club and Huntingdon College. (see Vicinity Map and Site Plan). There is a 24-hour manned entrance at Narrow Lane Road and Primrose. Lockwood is low density, with private roads, and will be completely surrounded by walls and fences. 103 of 121 lots of varying size have been sold for single-family residences; 75 additional lots are reserved for townhomes. Six townhomes have been built so far and two have already sold.


We will preserve the Standard Club’s magnificent old clubhouse, designed by Frank Lockwood in 1929, as a historic landmark, it is thought to be one of the finest examples of Lockwood’s work.  The developers of Lockwood were inspired by Old Cloverdale, the oldest planned garden community in Alabama, said to have been sketched or suggested by architect Frederick Law Olmstead (the designer of New York’s Central Park, among other notable creations), while he was visiting Montgomery in the mid-1890’s.

Old Cloverdale is a neighborhood of mature trees, winding roads, parks, sidewalks and a variety of traditional architectural styles, including many of Frank Lockwood’s noblest creations. Because of its inherent beauty and people-friendly character, the result of excellent planning, Old Cloverdale has maintained its high desirability for a hundred years – and the respect of all who live there.

A more recent expression of good planning is to be found in Myrtlewood, a secluded neighborhood nestled in and around a lovely, winding road. The important principles, inherited from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and put to work in both Old Cloverdale and Myrtlewood, are to be reapplied in Lockwood. And there will be improvements, too.

Architectural Review Standards

Architectural Review Standards will be established to encourage a variety of architectural styles. Most lots will be served by rear alleyways, to minimize the number of driveways opening onto streets, and also provide for parking, backyard mail delivery and trash collection. The result will be a pedestrian-oriented community where walking can be enjoyed to the fullest. A Lockwood Home Owner’s Association will be responsible for all maintenance, including streets, sidewalks and landscaping.

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